Welcome to LimraConnect Putting You & Yours Together!

A lot goes behind the creation of the “NEXT BIG THING” – Innovation. Excitement. Teamwork. Commitment. This is what connects your dream to reality. Limraconnect is where your successes become OURS!

We are a fast growing IT Services and Digital Consultancy firm with an aim to turn your visions into actionable and profitable realities. Our Top engineers, dedicated to your success, specialise in developing bespoke software business systems. We have a team located in Hurst TX that works with a “Digitally Forward Creative” approach.

Our core competencies:

  • Global service delivery model
  • Building thriving relationships with the customers
  • Excellent service and cost-effectiveness.

 L – We at LimraConnect “Live in Our Customer’s Shoes” therefore, are able to

I – bring innovation, make informed decisions and

M – Manage & Deliver according to the locked timelines.

R – Our teams are reliable, robust and readily available 24/7 with a

A – “Let’s make it happen” Approach towards work.

We form a bridge between creativity and dreams while making the World talk about you.